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"The magic of the world you made. The Bertram man answers the call to Adventure without thinking once. It's natural. He's ready...ready with a perfect piece of craftsmanship, sea-christened, gentle yet eager, beautiful in a worldly way, solid and secure to the feel. It's this kind of a world that waits upon you. Be a Bertram man. Taste the sun...touch the stars...talk to the wind...rule the waves. You can do it in a Bertram. As with no other."

~quote from original Bertram 25 Catalog

The Bertram 25 Data Sheet and Brochure files listed below were originally
published by Bertram Yacht and are provided in PDF file format.

The 25' Bertram Hardtop Cruiser
Reprint from Boating Magazine, May 1968

Bertram 25 Data Sheet

Bertram25 Catalog

Bertram Bahia Mar 25

Bertram 25 Mark II Convertible Sport Cruiser

Bertram 25 Mark II Hardtop Sport Cruiser

Bertram II Mark II Sport Fisherman


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